Guys, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you and your staff's efforts in making our vacation to Lake Mead a great experience. It's really refreshing to deal with a business that provides personalized service and is true to their word in every respect. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Anyone interested in renting Jet Ski's will be promptly referred to you without hesitation. Best Regards, Tom Reynolds, MO

Rented a jet ski on several occasions from these guys. Top notch, had a great time! Good guys even if they do speak funny. Brian P, Phoenix, AZ

I just got back from my honeymoon in Vegas. We had reserved a powerboat for Monday to cruise Lake Mead. When I got there, Craig told me that the boat had locked up the outdrive unit the day before, and was unavailable. When I told him we were on our honeymoon, Craig goes home and grabs his personal boat. Then he throws me the keys to his truck and boat and says "have fun and try not to scratch it." Anyway, huge props to Skiwi Rentals. They went out of their way to make things right! Fullboogie, FL (taken from the Riva Forum)

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had dealing with Skiwi Rentals. I was very impressed with your great service, I booked on line and when we arrived everything was ready to go and you had us on our way in no time. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to deal with a very personal and professional company. Thanks again, Christine Dreyer, Indio, CA

We know it has been some 6 weeks since we were with you and have been meaning to write this since then but time hasn't been on our side. Now we are back home in the UK and the weather is cooling down we are thinking back to our vacation in Las Vegas and, of course, you guys and Lake Mead. All we can say is that from start to finish, your service was impeccable. We knew already when seated for the safety training video that you were no backstreet outfit and that you mean business! We were impressed with your promptness, fun attitude to our day and friendly approach to us. The loan of the "Chevvy" was an experience - particularly when it came to fuel-up and the pump wouldnt work! (no-one told us that in NV you pre-pay? LOL). The day on the water couldnt be better and although we didnt get as far as the "Narrows" we had a great lunch in Callville and some lovely swimming in Swallow Bay. On our return you were both happily waiting for us and no messing, returned the deposit and entertained us with some stories (hehe) And, to top it all, your gifts of Skiwi "T" shirts were very much appreciated. We sported them on "The Strip" on more than one occasion and proudly wear them here at home. Thanks again guys for a fantastic day - we will certainly recommend you and deffo use you again on our next visit. Cheers! Mark, Rob & James. London, England

This past Saturday (6/11/11) I rented a boat at Skiwi Rentals with my girl friend & our kids. The boat was everything we needed, it was in great shape and riding the waves with the AUX Ipod booming away we had an awesome day! Until around 2pm!! Yes I did the unthinkable, I went over the ski rope and it jammed one of the motors. After following directions and trying to cut the rope away it was just not meant to be so I started up the second motor and we started our long slow ride back to the Marina. We didn't dock until after 6pm and that's when SKIWI closes so I was destined to have to keep the boat for the night, with nowhere to park it, talk about a nightmare in the making!!!!! I decided a long time ago that honesty is always the best policy so picked up the phone around 6:15pm and called Skiwi...they answered and I told them everything that had happened... to my amazement Todd said "don't worry mate we'll wait until you get here"! We loaded and got to SKIWI close to 7:30pm. Tools in hand, Craig got to work fixing everything as they had it booked for a Sunday morning rental. In the half hour it took them to fix everything we got to know 2 hard working guys who plain and simple just do the right thing and make sure the customer always comes first. They didn't even dip into the $1000 deposit and my only promise to them was to drop off some cold beers this week. Their reaction, "don't bother dropping off the cold beer unless your gonna stay and drink a few with us". Folks if you need to rent a boat or jet ski, I implore you to go no further... These guys from New Zealand are tops and they give us all a little more faith in mankind!!!! Thanks Skiwi, you can use me as a reference ANYTIME and I'll see you later this week for a cold one!!! Cheers... Boyd T, Las Vegas, NV

Comments received after the Mark Hahn 300 Mile Endurance Race. The Kellings loaned ski's to anyone who wanted to race but didn't have a ski of their own. 15 teams got to enter a race that they never would have been able to race if not for them. Many were first time racers! Now, that's how you build racing.I have never heard of anyone offering that many free skis to people just so they would have the opportunity to have the "race experience"!! Skiwi Rentals is not a big outfit yet they gave more than any big factory race team!! Nedra Atwood, PWC's #1 Fan, Lake Havasu City, AZ

I have to send out a special thanks to Skiwi for getting my boat fixed so I can race this weekend. It was a last minute thing and they busted arse to get it done. It ran great once i got my ECU issues worked out. But they had nothing to do with that. The engine ran flawless. If it was not for them I would not have been racing in Parker. Thank you guys!! Eric S, Las Vegas, NV

I haven't rented here but the guys that run the place are top notch. I came in looking for a part to fix one of my carbs. Roger led me out to the "Treasure Chest." After digging around for a few minutes we found what I needed and guess what, NO CHARGE!! Thanks so much Skiwi! Jim H, Las Vegas, NV

Fabulous time friends. Thank you. I'll recommend my friends & employees.... Class act. You delivered EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. $700 on tables can be 5 min. This was a full & fantastic day !!!!!! thx again, Richard Muhlauser

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